Academic Economic Congress (AEC)

Ambassadors of Knowledge


Academic Economic Congress (AEC)

AEC – an event that presents Learning Organisations, the innovations, efforts and special achievements in the field of knowledge to the broader public is held once a year (usually in June).
The event Academic Economic Congress is unique and the first of its kind and organized jointly by the Life Learning Academia. The Academic Economic Congress is one of the leading international event in the region.

Owing to the cooperation from various organisations from all over the world it offers a special opportunity to establish new contacts and promote achievements in the field of knowledge on a global level.

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Annual meeting of Ambassadors of Knowledge

Ambassadors of Knowledge are the individuals who meet all the criteria required by this appointment with their diligence, expertise, credibility and ethic, and with many years of work and experience. The Ambassador of Knowledge is an honorary function, given to a person who confers awards to people for special achievements in the field of knowledge.

Learning Point

Learning Points trigger various ways of perceiving information in individuals. They also have other advantages and benefits: they help to increase knowledge about new developments which only certain target groups know about, they promote knowledge, places or organisations where they are placed. Learning points help further develop the knowledge of individuals and they connect knowledge at various levels in a simple, yet effective way. Learning Points enhance the recognisability of companies and individuals in their own country and abroad. They are attractive to domastic and foreign tourists. Viewing a Learning Point can be combined with a visit to an organisation or the surrounding area where the Learning Point is placed; it represents a special experience to individuals or groups of people.

A Learning Point can be set up by any organisation (public or private) or an individual who believes that it can present a useful teaching content. For companies, involved in the Learning Brand process, setting up to 5 Learning Points is complimentary.

So far, Learning Points have been set up in Ljubljana, Bohinj, Ptuj, Maribor and Ljutomer.

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Event archive:

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AEC 2016 - The Effects of Knowledge Transfer and Connection

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AEC 2014 - The first Academic Economic Congress